Concrete Pools
Engage an experienced concrete pool builder in Hobart

At Greenview Pools and Landscapes, we are a SPASA certified end-to-end service for building concrete pools and landscapes. From the initial design and conceptualisation of the pool, down to the installation and finishing touches, we’ll take care of the entire process. With an eye for detail and a speciality in custom design, we create some of the most stylish and eye-catching concrete pools in Hobart. Whilst the aesthetic design is of upmost importance, we do not compromise for functionality and practicality either. Each one of our pools is designed with everyday family use in mind, so you can focus on the more important things in life without having to worry about your pool.

Family pools

The essence of a family pool is the joy you experience when sharing it with family and friends. In order to get the most out of a family pool, it needs to be large enough to accommodate multiple people. It must also provide for certain needs, whether it’s a set of stairs for easy access, dynamic lighting, or small swim-outs for relaxing in the shallow water. Our family pools are not only designed with size and functionality in mind, but they also reflect a striking contemporary design that will make your pool the centrepiece of your garden. We use only the highest quality materials to construct our family pools, making them an obvious choice to those looking for a modern, handcrafted pool.


If space is a limiting factor in your garden, or you just don’t require space for multiple people, a lap pool could be a better option for you. Utilising small areas, a lap pool can be positioned against the fence line, down the side of the home or in any space that is long and narrow. Providing all the benefits of a regular sized pool, these space-saving designs are becoming more popular amongst homeowners. With their aesthetic look and modern designs, our lap pools are created with style and luxury in mind. Designed for their functionality and practical features, not only are they great for exercise and swimming laps, but they’re also great for relaxation and entertainment.

Many people believe that you need a large garden space to install a pool on your property, but this is simply not the case. Our plunge pools are designed specifically for compact gardens, providing the perfect space to relax and cool off on a summer’s day. We handcraft our plunge pools, creating designs specifically tailored to you and your space requirements. Whilst they may not provide as much open water space, the depth of our plunge pools is used to create the feeling of a true swimming experience. With a wide range of materials to choose from, we can custom design your concrete pool to reflect any style of your choosing. Don’t compromise on attractive designs. Build your plunge pool with Greenview Pools and Landscapes.


Our spas are designed with style, comfort and relaxation in mind. With our extensive knowledge in spas and swimming pools, we have the ability to create a spa that is not only enjoyable to use but enjoyable to look at too. Using high-quality materials, we will construct your spa from the ground up, taking in all the relevant and pre-existing design considerations to create the perfect spa for you and our family. We often build our spas in conjunction with a new swimming pool in order to create one single flawless design. We also offer completely custom spa designs, giving you the freedom and flexibility to design it to your own specifications.


Combining a classic swimming pool with modern architecture and luxury, an infinity pool is one of the most visually appealing swimming pools available. With lowered concrete walls, an infinity pool gives the illusion that there is no edge to the pool as they disappear above the surface. The lowered walls allow the water to overflow into a catchment below which is then re-circulated. With their incredible uniqueness and stunning designs, an infinity pool has the ability to completely transform any outdoor space. Turn your dream pool into a reality, with Greenview Pools and Landscapes.

A new pool will only look as good as its surroundings. If you’re looking for the complete package, we offer our detailed landscaping services to give your garden the design of your dreams. At Greenview Pools and Landscapes, we take a holistic approach to our pool building and landscaping services. With our outstanding service and our growing reputation for luxurious and bespoke outdoor spaces, Greenview will help you to create a garden for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about our landscaping services.

With a wealth of experience in constructing both pools and landscapes, the team at Greenview Pools and Landscapes have the skills required to give your property the upgrade you deserve. If you are looking for an experienced pool builder in Southern Tasmania, such as Hobart, Sandy Bay, Kingston or Dover, please connect with one of our expert team members today.

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