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At Greenview, we install Astral variable speed pumps. They are known for their high energy efficiency, using much less power than typical single speed pumps. Operating a variable speed pump over a longer period will result in a dramatic decrease in energy costs in comparison. These pumps also assist greatly with filtration, allowing the water to move slowly which means that more debris is able to be filtered out. As they require less power, these variable speed pumps are also much quieter. Less power usage also equates to a longer life span, as the components are not required to work as hard, putting less strain on the pump.


We offer a range of different types of filters so you can choose what suits your needs best. These include cartridge, sand and glass filters. All of our filters are designed to filter dirt and debris from your pool water, constantly providing you with clean water to swim in. Cartridge filters are known for their compactness, effectiveness and ease of use. They are simply placed into your pool where they sit and collect dirt. Once full, you can clean your cartridge filter by removing it and hosing it down. Then simply return it to your pool to continue filtering. The sand and glass filters feature some fine particles of their material which catches dirt, debris and any other contaminants that may be present in the water. The clean water is then sent back to your pool. These filters also reduce the need for backwashing and chemical treatments as your water stays cleaner for longer, saving you money.


If you’re looking for the most cost-effective method to heat your pool, we provide our solar pool heating systems that utilise the power of the sun. These energy-efficient heaters will first pump your pool water through a series of tubes into a collector, where it is slowly heated by the sun’s energy. Once it reaches the set temperature, the water is then returned back into your pool. As more heated water enters your pool over time, it will gradually begin to increase its temperature. Not only does it help you to save money, but it’s also great for the environment as well!

Looking to streamline and automate your pool? We offer a range of pool automation products that can enable you to control your pool with the touch of a finger. Whether you want your pool lights to turn on automatically in the evenings, or you want the pool heater to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive home, you can do it all with pool automation. You can control your water temperature, pumps speeds, chlorination, lighting and more, all through an intuitive app on your smart device. You can control all aspects of your pool from anywhere, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Automation is also great for energy-efficiency, allowing you to only use certain features when they are required.


Robotic cleaners can make your pool cleaning experience easier than ever before. They are designed to clean your pool water automatically, removing debris and cleaning the walls and floor of your pool. This leaves you with perfect, clear water every time you use it. These robots will dramatically reduce the time and money spent on cleaning, providing you with a clean pool with minimal effort required. Just simply program your robot in accordance with your pool and switch it on. The robot is able to automatically track and cover the entire surface of your pool. Eventually once the robot is full of debris, it just needs to be removed and emptied before it can continue cleaning again.


Whether you’re looking for salt, mineral or freshwater chlorination, we provide options for all three. For salt water, we install Astral Halo salt chlorinators. These high-quality machines are designed to assist with precise levels of sanitiser, providing you with clean, healthy water to enjoy with the family. If you’re seeking a mineral chlorination system, we offer the Mineral swim system. Utilising a combination of Dead Sea magnesium-rich minerals with natural ozone-to-oxygen water purification technology, these systems can create clear, healthy, and therapeutic pool water. If freshwater swimming is more your style, we install the Naked Swim system. It’s designed to be extremely cost-effective, reducing running costs and extending the lifetime of your pool equipment. It’s also all-natural and gentle on skin, hair and eyes.

Another great way to retain heat within your pool is through the use of pool covers. At Greenview, we install the top pool cover brands, including Daisy, Remco and Sunbather. With heated water in your pool, a pool cover can be utilised to prevent the heat from evaporating. This helps the water to maintain its temperature for a much longer period of time. They also ensure that your pool stays free of dirt and debris when not in use, making them much cleaner and easier to maintain. Improve your energy efficiency and reduce your maintenance time with a brand-new pool cover.

Pool covers

If you’re planning to use your pool throughout the year, a pool heating system is a necessity. At Greenview, we install pool heat pumps and gas heaters, which are some of the highest quality pool heaters available on the market. We provide you with the option to decide on which heating system will be most beneficial for you. Generally, heat pumps are used for the effective heating of larger swimming pools, whilst gas heaters are used for on-demand heat for spas and small plunge pools. No matter what type of pool you own or what your heating requirements are, we’ve got options to suit your needs.

Pool heating
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